View web design on a virtual screen

As a web designer sometimes it is helpful to see your design in context. That means viewing it from a new angle on a MacBook or a Tablet or a Desktop screen. You can always load up photoshop and comp together an image of your design and place it on top of a photo of a Desktop screen but there is an easier way.

Its called Place It

You just upload an image, crop it to fit the screen and your done. You now have an easy and quick way to create a visual mock up of your design on any type of screen.

Shoelace.css: a back to the basics CSS starter kit


Shoelace.css is a starter kit, not a framework. Think of it as a CSS reset sprinkled with helpful components. Bootstrap users will find it familiar, yet refreshing.

Shoelace is highly customizable through CSS variables. It doesn’t require Less, Sass, or any preprocessing at all. The minified version is only 32.1KB and much smaller when gzipped.


Source: Shoelace.css: a back to the basics CSS starter kit