College Portfolio

I recently went back to my old college portfolio and decided I should put it online for posterity.

Promo Leaflet - Healthy Eating

Designed for Edinburgh Council - this is the front and back design for a healthy eating promotional leaflet.

theatre poster into the woods

Theatre Poster - Into The Woods

This poster was done by scratching the design into a black coated scratchboard and then inverting the colour.

theatre poster into the woods

CD Inlay - Big Issue

We were asked to come up with promotional material to push the idea of global warming. This was my idea for a CD giveaway to be given out with copies of the Big Issue.

cd inlay design

Food Packaging - Asda Snack Bag prt1

In conjunction with the Product Design students we were asked to create eco friendly packaging for an Asda Lunch Box.

asda snack bag

Food Packaging - Asda Snack Bag prt2

These are the plans that show how the lunch bag would be constructed.

asda snack bag

Promo Poster - Music Event

This was an idea for a bus shelter poster to promote a music event.

promo poster