The Deeziner Zone

This is where you will find all my latest experiments, animations and just weird stuff that I have worked on.

Scroll to Change Color

I was looking for a way to add some interest to the background color of a website. After a quick google search I came across this method that i found to be both easy to implement and effective ... View Demo Here »

RPG Maker

Making an RPG Game with RPG Maker... View here »

College Portfolio

I recently went back to my old college portfolio and decided I should put it online for posterity... View here »

Modelling With Maya

Stylized modelling of musical instruments: Piano, Bass, Drums... View here »

Walk Cylce

A quick animated walk cycle pencil test created using TVPaint View here »

3D Treehouse Modelling

Building a cartoon style treehouse in Maya View here »

Bootstrap - get started

A simple guide to help you get started using Bootstrap to build a responsive website View here »

Full page JS

How to build a full page website using the fullPage.js JavaScript framework. View here »